Mary Kirkham

Mary Kirkham

Forever Living

Mary has over 20 years retail leadership experience, 10 of those being at a Senior level. Mary’s corporate career was in John Lewis and in her most recent role she lead a national team of Partners and 3rd party contractors in the Home Services division. She has delivered results across complex operations, leading large teams, in specialised services with in excess of £180 million turnover.  



Throughout her corporate career Mary found a real passion for leading, inspiring and supporting others and in 2019 decided to set up her own business. She now coaches and mentors others to create businesses of their own in the health and wellbeing sector. She educates others on the health benefits of the products and the fantastic business opportunity that allows them freedom, time and a supplementary or alternative income. 
The business opportunity that Mary is so passionate about is part of a global company which is family run and has traded for over 42years. The business allows you to build a legacy style income, which in today’s society with jobs and pensions are being stretched to the limit, is just one of the many goals Mary can help you work towards. 

Networking Top Tip

“The greatest people skills is an authentic interest in others”