Hello to all you lovely people, my name’s Debbie Dent 

My 60 seconds is a poem, to tell you my intent 

For starters I book holidays, but it doesn’t just end there 

I’m different from the internet, because I truly care 

I’m easy to get through to, if you have a query 

I’ll always be helpful, even if I’m weary 

I’m passionate about the job I do and always will ensure 

That the holidays I offer you, could not suit you more 

Always be assured I have your best interests at heart 

Which is one of many reasons that I feel sets me apart 

I also help with visas and online check in too 

I’ll even write your luggage labels, to save time for you 

Unless you’re going on fifty flights, then I might draw the line 

But other than that, I’ll do my best to make sure all is fine 

I can make myself available at evenings and weekend 

In me you have a person, on who you can depend 

I hope that gives you some idea of how my time is spent 

The company’s Travel Counsellors, my name is Debbie Dent

Debbie Dent

Debbie Dent

Travel Counsellor

Debbie is a self employed franchise owner of Travel Counsellors.

She specialises in tailor-made holidays but additionally can provide any kind of travel arrangements, including flight only, cruises, package holidays and accommodation only, via award winning technology. She ensures that her customers receive the best possible booking and holiday experience.

Tel: 0114 3863390