Rachel Salway

Rachel Salway


With over 15 successful years in retail and leisure management, and running businesses with an excess of £6m turnover and 70 staff, Rachel Salway founder of multi award winning Roseannah fairtrade fashion brand went on a series of trips to India and Africa that changed her life. After witnessing first-hand the extreme poverty in these countries and a passion to see it eradicated, Rachel knew that doing nothing was not an option. On returning to the UK, Rachel took the plunge and quit her career, to launch her very own fairtrade and ethical fashion and accessories brand. She started to work with different organisations providing life changing skills and training, with the ultimate aim of breaking cycles of poverty and bringing economic independence and hope to marginalised communities, vulnerable people groups and lives affected by tragedy around the world.

Website: www.roseannah.com

Email: info@roseannah.com

Tel: 0330 088 9534

Roseannah is a social impact company driven by style and motivated by a desire for fairtrade in the fashion industry, empowering communities worldwide through trade rather than aid. The company was established in 2013 and now sells beautiful fairtrade and ethically sourced fashion products all around the globe. Providing sustainable incomes for artisans as well as creating awareness to consumers, of the trading ethics and that they really are transforming lives through their purchasing decisions.

“Many of our partners work with communities in India and Africa, to establish sustainable sources of income for marginalised communities. We also work closely with survivors of human trafficking in the UK, giving them the skills and training to leave the past behind and move independently into a new life.”

You can find out more about Roseannah and buy beautiful products online by visiting www.roseannah.com.

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