Starting out in business is both daunting and liberating. Hey, you get great referrals from word-of-mouth but sometimes you’ve just got to leave the house and go seek some new clients! And that means networking…

So, you’re in a room with a whole load of people you’ve never met before, you’re not shy exactly, but it can be tricky getting to the point of chatting and talking about the benefits of your business to others…

Here’s a tip, make sure you have a talking point where the subtlety and impact of your brand can be worn for all to see, like a bag. I know, it’s pretty simple, but it can be effective. Okay, loads of people get given these at events and slowly but surely, they go to die at the bottom of their ‘bags for life’ pile in the cupboard, right? But if it’s your branded merchandise, this IS your talking point. This is who you are. Your brand is the flagship image for your business when you might not be your best self at this hot, noisy networking event – maybe your brand can do some networking for you. Okay, you have to chat and woo that potential client but your little piece of merch could work wonders and think about it, you’re not the only one in the room who doesn’t know anyone. Giving people a reason to come say “hi” is the quintessential ice-breaker.

Trust me, it’s the same as wearing your favourite frock, you’re confidence glows and everyone gravitates towards you – whatever you think of merchandising, give it a go. Something is out there for everyone. Take it from me, standing by MY brand makes it easier to start that conversation with a confidence I don’t always feel but always exude.

But hey, do make sure your business cards are up to scratch too – there’s nothing worse than meeting a great contact then they hand me a limp one-sided card with scribbles on it because they’ve changed their number since they had them printed… Every single element of your branding lends a certain truth to how you operate your business; the quality of your work, your professionalism. So don’t let your brand let you down. Stand by your brand; it works.

Emma J Taylor

Emma J Taylor

Digital Marketeer

A full service digital marketing specialist, Girl About Shef helps small businesses with a range of social media support. Girl About Shef believes in #socialmadesimple because being in business is complicated enough.

Girl About Shef takes the pain out of social engagement so you can go on doing what you do best. If there’s something stopping your growth, progress and sales, don’t let it be your online presence. We don’t make websites or provide design services. We just do good quality social media your business can be proud of.



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