If you think a massage is just a pamper session and only goes skin deep you need to think again. We all know that massage helps you to relax and eases tension in tight muscles, but it actually does a lot more than that. Massage affects every system in your body.

With the first gentle superficial strokes your breathing slows and deepens so your heart rate decreases and blood pressure lowers. This also warms the skin ready to receive oils (if being used) and helps to loosen the fascia, the layer of connective tissue under the skin that keeps us all together. As the strokes become deeper and more specific your circulation is improved which delivers more oxygen, nutrients and water to every cell in the body. With the promotion of circulation, the lymphatic system is improved helping to eliminate waste products.

Most of us operate every day with a certain level of stress, the ‘fight or flight’ response, but as you relax your parasympathetic nervous system responds to take you into ‘relax and recuperate’ mode. When this kicks in your body can concentrate on all the internal processes that get compromised when in a stressed state. The digestive system, the liver and kidneys all respond with a positive effect. Endorphins, the happy hormones, are released and cortisol and adrenalin levels drop, leaving you with a feeling of warmth and calm.

It has been shown that muscular tissue can hold ‘bad’ emotions within their cells and by working on these areas with caring compassionate touch negative thoughts and emotions can be released and a feeling of ‘moving on’ experienced. The muscles themselves become more toned as they relax, and mobility is restored to joints. There are huge benefits to having a regular, quality massage. As well as the physical, psychologically it also encourages a sense of responsibility and self-worth, helps to clear the head and improves concentration and cognitive function.

Peta Pinnock

Peta Pinnock

Vital Force Massage

After training as an Aromatherapist and in Seated Acupressure Massage, Peta set up Vital Force Massage in 1999 to provide stress relief and well being to the country’s workforce. Having spent many years working at corporate events and exhibitions nationwide she now specialises in helping the digital community keep healthy and happy at work. She has been a tutor for the Academy of On Site Massage, the country’s leading Seated Acupressure trainer, since 2002 and has trained therapists all over the country, so all Vital Force practitioners are hand picked, experienced, and trained to the highest standards. 

Peta is passionate about all things healthy and is currently training in Nutritional Healing which she intends to take into the workplace in the form of online training to help people make more healthy and informed decisions about what they eat. Along side this she is developing a range of natural skincare products that are ‘good enough to eat’.

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