The wonderful world of digital marketing can be very fruitful for your business; building up authority and credibility in your industry, networking with consumers and businesses, filling up your sales pipeline, and retaining existing customers through effective relationship building.

Navigating this ever changing and ever growing marketing world can be very complex, with so many different methods and strategies around. I like to keep this very simple, with the 4 offerings I believe are key to digital marketing success. They are:

● SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

● Social Media Management

● Blog Writing

● Pay-Per-Click Ads (Google, Facebook, Instagram).

SEO presents your business at the forefront of Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results, when people search for exactly what you offer.

Social Media puts you in front of your perfect target market, establishes credibility, expands your reach, and fills up your sales pipeline.

Blog Writing builds up authority and expertise sharing, cultivates effective customer relationships, and works wonders for your SEO.

Pay-Per-Click puts you directly in front of potential customers that fit your specification e.g. are searching for your products on Google, fit your customer profile (age, gender, location, interests, likes etc), or are interested in your offering (previous website visitors).

By doing all 4, or intensely focusing on a specific one or two, you can begin to see what digital marketing can really do for your business.

Natalie Chappell

Natalie Chappell

Digital Marketing

Natalie is an expert in online digital marketing (SEO, Social Media and Google Adwords).

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